CS Catalyst for Student Projects

Following discussions with students and staff members, we improved this year the system for searching and finding a supervisor for your project and dissertation. Although we aim to facilitate the overall process as much as possible, we expect you to take an active part and to be fully engaged with it. Please read carefully the following instructions, and contact us if you have any question.

What to do

Step 1 - Identify supervisors with whom you are interested to work

  • This website contains information from all the members of staff who can supervise projects. Please search through the profiles and read carefully the available projects, as well as any additional details provided by the supervisors.
  • Each supervisor has identified how they wish to be contacted (email, Teams, office hours, others). If you are interested in signing-up for office hours, please see Step 2, otherwise, jump to Step 3.

Step 2 (Optional) - Sign-up

  • From the 27/01 noon to the 31/01 noon, you can sign-up at the School reception for a meeting with staff members who have indicated they want to be contacted by office hours.

Step 3 - Discuss with supervisors

  • From the 27/01 to the 21/02, you can contact the supervisors you are interested in to discuss specifics about projects. Please keep in mind that the actual project you will undertake is likely to change slightly over time, so don’t expect to have a fully defined project at this stage.
  • When you contact supervisors, please try to avoid generic questions such as “Can you tell me more about your projects?”. As mentioned above, we expect you to take an active part in your project selection process, so try to articulate what you are interested in, which technologies or application domains you would like to interact with, which outcomes you would like to see realised through your project, etc.

Step 4 - Fill in the selection form

  • From the 17/02 to the 21/02, you need to fill in the form. You will be asked to select three supervisors by order of preference, as well as information about the theme and the topics you wish to do in your project. You will also have a free text box, where you can describe the sort of projects you would like to undertake.

Step 5 - Wait to hear from us

After the 21/02, we will allocate you a supervisor, trying to match your preferences as much as possible. Last year, the vast majority of students who filled in the form were allocated to one of their preferences, however, we cannot guarantee this will happen, especially in domains that are in high demand.

What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is a system for re-purposing existing platforms to build exciting new services and tools. In this instance we're using a Google form to automatically populate a Trello board which is then used to make this website.

Catalyst is an ongoing research project at Open Lab, designed and created by Rob Anderson.