Charles Morisset


Personal page

Research Interests

  • Applied Machine Learning

  • Decision Making

  • Formal Methods

  • Urban Systems

  • Security of Smart Infrastructure

All projects I will supervise must be related to one of the tools I’m developing. The first one is the Interactive Game for Protocol Analysis, which enables the simulation of an attacker against a security protocol. The second one is VisABAC, which enables the visualisation and evaluation of attribute-based access control policies. Both tools are web-based, developed in JavaScript (Client side). There is a lot of room for possible student projects, which can expand beyond the existing technologies, however it is expected that each project will clearly contribute to either tool, and that the code will be integrated in the repository, with attribution to the respective students. Part of the challenge with these projects is to work with existing code, developed either by me or by other researchers/students, and which therefore might contain some bugs or need some improvement.

I list below some examples of possible concrete projects for each tool, but students are very welcome to develop their own ideas.

Interactive Game for Protocol Analysis

  • Development, integration testing of more protocols
  • Automatic analysis of attacks
  • Developing a tactical language for attackers
  • Dynamic visualisation of protocol agents
  • Integration of server-side evaluation/analysis


  • Development, integration testing of more complex policies (e.g., RBAC)
  • Expansion of the policy language, for instance to include more complex operations
  • Integration of role-mining (machine learning)
  • Development of benchmark policies
  • Integration of server-side evaluation/analysis

Technologies & Programming Languages

I am comfortable supervising projects that make use of the following technologies and programming languages.


  • JavaScript

  • Python


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