Ellis Solaiman

Internet of Things

Personal page

Research Interests

  • Blockchain

  • Distributed Ledger Technology

  • Social Computing

  • Social Media

  • Trust

  • Usable Privacy & Security

  1. For Advanced / Cloud / Security MSc students: Blockchain / smart contract based projects. 2 or 3 projects available. These projects are for advanced MSc students, and are Not suitable for conversion MSc students. Examples include: Smart contracts for Internet of things applications, implementation and evaluation of hybrid smart contract architectures, verification/model checking smart contracts, and HCI issues for smart contracts.
  2. For conversion MSc students: Build a website or mobile application. Example applications: A website or application that measures a person's IQ; A website that hosts training for various psychometric tests used by employers during recruitment.

Technologies & Programming Languages

I am comfortable supervising projects that make use of the following technologies and programming languages.

  • Android

  • C#


  • iOS

  • Java

  • JavaScript


TODO: Use this site to find project supervisors for your masters projects.