Nigel Thomas


Personal page

Research Interests

  • Distributed Computing

  • Energy Efficient Computing

  • Modelling & Simulation

  • Performance Modelling

  • Scalability

I am interested in the application of performance modelling to a variety of different problem areas. My preferred approach is to use stochastic process algebra, but I have also used queueing theory, stochastic Petri nets, discrete event simulation and trace-driven simulation. Different applications require different techniques for model specification and analysis. The challenge is forming the right models for a given problem and applying and developing appropriate analysis techniques. Some areas of current interest are listed here (in no particular order), but this is by no means exhaustive. Each area will have a number of possible projects.

  1. Performance modelling of secure systems.

  2. Control of shared infrastructure.

  3. Energy management in large scale systems.

  4. Decision making with limited information.

  5. Wireless network performance analysis.

  6. User experience in smart environments.

  7. A performance modelling project based on your own interests.

Technologies & Programming Languages

I am comfortable supervising projects that make use of the following technologies and programming languages.

  • PEPA, SPN, simulation


TODO: Use this site to find project supervisors for your masters projects.